Thursday, 27 January 2011

3 things I've learned this week..

1) Don't force working relationships, assume them. Adults will respect this proactive approach. More importantly, children will too. Do not command them to be quiet and listen to you. This will be a perpetual struggle and highlight the difference in your roles. Instead, be quiet and wait for the group to self manage. The first few kids will go SSSHHHH straight away and eventually the whole group will realise that standing in the cold is less fun than being quiet for 2 minutes to get the next set of instructions. Through managing themselves the emphasis is now on team goals, and unity (i.e. why are we all here).

2) Banter + Controversy + Honesty = Rapport.

3) Every drill I design I ask myself two questions when I'm done. How can I make it more useful/realistic? How can I make it more fun/enjoyable? Then I realise I'm not nearly as done as I thought and recraft it.
This needs to apply to even the warm up. Academy coach today did a great warm up which really underlines how much scope there is for every part of the training session to be made more exciting.

Re-evaluate everything.

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